Mirror Plates Slotted x 2 38mm

Two Mirror Plates supplied with screws are ideal for any 12mm Chalkboard simply screw then to the 12mm Chalkboard and hang the board up on the wall alternatively offer a hole drilling service where your board will be supplied with holes in each corner.

Pease note these Mirror plates are NOT suitable for 6mm Chalkboards due to the thickness as the screws supplied are too long and will show through a 6mm Chalkboard.


How to Fit the Mirror Plates

Mirror plates are an alternative way to hang things.

They come in several sizes and can be used for heavy items. Unlike items hung on a cord which will hang slightly off the wall at the top, with mirror plates the picture/mirror can be screwed flat to the wall.

The only disadvantage with them is that you can see a little of them sticking out above the top. how to fix mirror plates

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