Storage Organizer Rack Shelf Magnetic

Magnetic attachable stencil pocket for chalkboards and other magnetic surfaces, great for holding utensils such as pens, Pencils, Chalk and more inside for easy access when using a chalkboard. colourful and bright this accessory works great for a variety of children's places including cafe's and even schools.

Available in 2 Colours: (Colours Subject to Availability)

  • Grey/White
  • Lime Green

If you require a specific colour please call us on 01702 808046 and we will see about getting the exact colour you desire.


A Small Magnetic attachment to a chalkboard of other magnetic surfaces used to hold stencils like pens, chalks, erasers and more.

Available in 2 different colours including White/Grey and Lime Green Perfect for any children's themed play areas with a chalkboard for drawing.

The rack has a magnet, so it can easily attach the magnetic chalkboard.

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