Choose from some of our accessories to add to your order, Including chalks, chalk pens, erasers & cleaners, magnets and a variety of ways to attach your board to the wall.

Wall Fixings

If you are looking to attach an unframed board of any kind to the wall look no further than our fixing kits which are available for brick or cavity walls. These kits include screws and black caps to cover the silver screws. Alternatively we have available mirror plates, wall brackets and command strips for other ways of attaching your chalkboard to the wall.
Please Note: All of our framed boards come with mirror plates as standard.

Chalks & Chalk Pens

All of our products are usable with chalks and chalk pens including the magnetic chalkboards. Please be aware however that we cannot test every chalk and chalk pen on the market and cannot guarantee how easily these products wash from our board compared to the ones we supply which we have found to be the best for our chalkboards.
Please Note:
Due to the fact we cannot test every chalk pen available the Easiclean surface on the HPL may leave a ghosting effect if used with other pens rather than the ones we supply.

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  1. Liquid Chalk 5mm Exterior/Interior Chisel Nib

    Available as a 3, 5 or 9 Pack
  2. Chalkboard Cleaner

  3. 3MM Command Hanging Strips up to 8"x10"

    To hold all chalkboards upto 8"x10"
    Hanging Strips upto 8"x10"
  4. 3MM Command Hanging Strips up to 18"x24"

    To hold Chalkboards upto 18" x 24"
    3MM Command Hanging Strips upto 18"x24"
  5. 3MM Command Hanging Strips Holds up to 24" x 36"

    To hold all Chalkboards upto 24" x 36"
  6. A-board Wheels

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